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Medallion Hunt Clues

Clue 1

Come visit the rock, you’ll recognize the name,
stay a while and play a spy game.
You may be here for more than an hour,
afterwards step outside to see our native flowers.
When you’re tired grab a seat,
there’s more than one bench to rest your feet.

LOCATION: Heritage Park – on the bench in Heritage Garden

AT THE PARK: Scrambled Clue – het of aveitns pitsir
Ym urn eorbthr elsoadngi ittell,
Eth fo uor over eotrhm ihiclt niks lyowle.

Unscrambled clue – Spirit of the Natives
Run alongside my little brother
Over the lithic yellow skin of our mother

Clue 2

Namesake of an early Oswego pioneer,
baseball & soccer players can be found here.
In this gem of a park look for diamonds & #3, but don’t fear
You will find the next clue is near.

LOCATION:  Wormley Heritage Park – attached to underside of information kiosk

AT THE PARK:  Scrambled Clue – enltceg iprist fo
cbreame ntghis ni my lal ned,
eogtonfrt react utotwih a ostl away thnrwo.

Unscrambled Clue – Spirit of Neglect
All things end in my embrace
Forgotten, lost, thrown away, without a trace.

Clue 3

This next clue will lead you here
To a certain place that is near and dear.
Home to a game close at hand,
Prairie blooms and rolling land,
And a certain yearly visitor we all adore
Who likes to swoop, dip and soar.

LOCATION:  Eagle Ridge Park – staked near the 18th disc golf hole

AT THE PARK:  Scrambled Clue – of irstpi nuaert
rfeig ldo nda prrio nlaiegh owdsnu,
nwe a sah lefa wseet ans’teur levo edtunr.

Unscrambled Clue – Spirit of Nature
Healing old wounds and prior grief
Sweet nature’s love has turned a new leaf

Clue 4

Another country known for its wine
Travel along the fruit of the vine
Young explorers dig the sands of the past
While a two story tower was built to last
A chance you took upon this day
When the sun is bright it’s time to play
But if you should begin to swelter,
It’s time enough to seek out….

LOCATION:  Tuscany Trail Park – on a tree near the playground, close to a bench and a trash can

AT THE PARK:  Scrambled Clue – ndauevter fo isritp
i, i, i, i, lapy stac nur dire
on si ot ew od anc den teerh yodat awth.

Unscrambled Clue – Spirit of Adventure
I run, I cast, I ride, I play,
There is no end to what we can do today.

Clue 5

Located in the heart of the rock,
You will find the oldest park.
Named for those who came before,
It has its own unique folklore.
Gifted to the people in trust,
A visit here is truly a must.

LOCATION:  SuzanJohn Park – under a slide on the playground equipment

AT THE PARK:  Scrambled Clue – unf fo iisprt
deda ni ignth fo oszibme clwra het,
odswo higtfr ym fo lfnigil thrie mrcseas wthi.

Unscrambled Clue – Spirit of Fun
Zombies crawl in the dead of night,
Filling my woods with their screams of fright.

Clue 6

Pay attention, don’t go fast
Or this clue will soon be past.
The gates are open dawn to dusk.
Walking to the trail’s end is a must.

LOCATION:  Stonegate Park – staked in the foliage next to a mulberry tree near the trail’s end

AT THE PARK:  Scrambled Clue – fo doeyisvrc psiitr

Unscrambled Clue – Spirit of Discovery
Before the Party of the Summer was about to go down
A spirited gathering occurred, within the soul of the town
Six spirits sought to highlight their home
So each ventured off, into the unknown
Their messages coded within their Quest
It’s now up to you to figure the Rest….

Medallion’s Location

Saw Wee Kee Park – near the boat launch and staked behind a sign that reads “Welcome to Saw Wee Kee Park, Fox River Public Access”

Remember that the Medallion and clues will be found on PUBLIC PROPERTY – within Oswegoland Park District boundaries.  Hunters do not need to dig up or climb up to find the Medallion or its clues. They may be carefully camouflaged or hidden within something easily accessible and not requiring disassembly. The chosen hiding places are always selected with safety and accessibility given the highest consideration.

The Medallion and its clues will not be hidden on any golf course, on or around railways, nor along the riverbank/ lake edges. No location will be selected that requires physical risk. Also, please be respectful of the property that you are on and considerate of your fellow hunters.