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6/13 - 6/16

265 days

Medallion Hunt

PrairieFest Medallion Hunt Graphic

It’s an all new PrairieFest Medallion Hunt in 2023!

Clue release time is Thursdays at 6pm this Spring, Gamers! Each week for five weeks, a clue will be given out in the form of a specific time period that holds significance. For example, if the week’s clue leads you to the 1930s, then you would search all the buildings, parks, and landmarks from the 1930’s.

Starting Thursday May 4th, and continuing for five weeks, the Oswegoland Park District will hide Medallion Markers all over the Oswegoland area. It’s your job to find them all. Clues will be announced here, on the PrairieFest Facebook page, at Oswegoland Park District facilities, and announced on WSPY 107.1 at 6:00pm on Thursdays.

The Markers will all be placed in safe, easy-to-access outside locations, so no climbing or digging is required. Feel free to join anytime throughout the hunt. The only protected clues will be those pertaining to the current week. Each Marker will also have a unique location code that you’ll report via QR code. Individuals/Teams receive 100 points for every correct location code entered. At the end of five weeks, the individual/team that earned the most points wins the coveted 2023 PrairieFest Medallion and $100! In the case of a tie, one additional clue will be sent out to the individual/teams with the most points, and the individual/team who finds the location first will take the prize. Remember, you can join anytime!

Winners will be notified June 8th. This Oswegoland Park District event is organized by the Little White School Museum with the generous support of festival donors, the Frankino family.  For more information, contact Anne Jordan at


Clue #1 released on May 4, 2023

Clue #2 released on May 11, 2023

Clue #3 released on May 18, 2023

Clue #4 released on May 25, 2023

Clue #5 released on June 2, 2023





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