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Save the Date

6/15 - 6/18

128 days

Medallion Hunt

PrairieFest Medallion Hunt Graphic

Once all six clues have been released, the first team to decipher all of the clues and locate the Medallion WINS $100!

Remember that the Medallion and clues will be found on PUBLIC PROPERTY – within or contiguous to Oswegoland Park District boundaries.  Hunters do not need to dig up or climb up to find the Medallion or its clues. They may be carefully camouflaged or hidden within something easily accessible and not requiring disassembly. The chosen hiding places are always selected with safety and accessibility given the highest consideration.

The Medallion and its clues will not be hidden on any golf course, on or around railways, nor along the riverbank/ lake edges. No location will be selected that requires physical risk. Also, please be respectful of the property that you are on and considerate of your fellow hunters.


Clue #6

Congrats, you made it to the last of your clues
I’m ready to find the medallion, are you?
We’re not being fickle
Just being as cute as 6 pickles
Hanging out in a pond so blue.

Clue #5

Looking for something to do? I know the trick!
Head to these woods to snap a scenic pic.
Come enjoy the breeze
Surrounded by flowers and trees
And say thanks to good ol’ Frederick

Clue #4

Time for a quick game of lost and Found
If you look closely, you’ll see wagon wheels all around
Imagine if you will
By the mouth, the saw mill
That helped build the buildings for the town

Clue #3

Back again already? Want the clue for this week?
Be warned, It’s hard to see… so to speak
We’re so close to Summer
Missing this would be a bummer
Now, ready…set…go seek!

Clue #2

The key to solving these locks
Is to find the man who went by “fox”
He protested and planned
To save our water and land
And now has a memorial by the rocks

Clue #1

Good news, it’s once again that time of year!
Time to get out and give a big cheer
The first clue we bring
where American English will sing
Is where we all shout “summer starts here”!

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